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Our primary assembly is upbeat, fun and educational.

We show them how to become the best school in your area by caring for their teachers, school and each other.

When it comes to bullying we focus on two areas.
 First explaining that mean kids do it once and bullies do it over and over again.
Secondly we do some role playing on how to speak up to a bully when they are mean over and over again to our friend.

That is why we call this anti bullying assembly “Friends Helping Friends”.
Grades 3-6 - Intermediate
Bullying in intermediate school can range from punching, shoving, exclusion, gossiping and some forms of cyber bullying.

Our focus in this assembly is to educate your students about the difference between bullying and a conflict.

Our main concept is on the role of the bystanders to speak up and report bullying.

This assembly is extremely interactive, educational and proactive.
Grades 7-12 - Middle - High School
Bullying is different in middle & high school compared to elementary school.

Statistics show that 90% of students who bully in high school are just average kids. What allows them to bully is that they're socially popular that is why we focus on these social aspect of bullying such as gossiping, exclusion, taunting, different forms of harassment and cyber bullying.

Our anti bullying assembly is interactive, educational and proactive.
Anti Bullying Speaker

Jim delivers assemblies to all grade levels and as the grade levels move up so does the content and delivery. While we educate the students about bullying our main focus is on the role of the bystanders.


We also offer a full extensive follow up so you can keep the message going strong throughout the school year.

Please call us toll free 1-866-333-4553 and we'll send you all the information and pricing or click HERE to email us. We take pride in our customer service and the protection of your information.


Jim Jordan is recognized as North America’s top speaker when it comes to bullying in schools.
Jim is an author of four books and is an expert on the proactive side of bullying. 
Jim Jordan is certified by the Dept of Health and Human Services, the Mental Health Academy & St. Johns Ambulance.
Jim uses magic and audience particpation to capture the students attention while delivering a powerful and proactive message
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